Craving days off with full pay? Then it can become reality

Craving days off with full pay Then it can become

Right now, a four-day working week is being discussed in Sweden. In several places in the world they have tried, and most recently it was in Copenhagen that they tried shorter working weeks.

Now the independent organization 4 day week Sweden will start an experiment in Sweden. In the past, pilot studies have been run in the UK, South Africa, Australia, the USA and Ireland.

Shorter working week is being tested in Copenhagen

Photo: Martina Holmberg/TT. Four-day work week: “Positive results”

– Regarding the results of previous national pilot studies, we have positive results, he says Anna-Carin Alderin who is project manager, for News24and continues:

– Many businesses have reported increased productivity, improved engagement and collaboration.

Alderin says that the businesses have been satisfied with the results: Employees have felt less stressed and more productive, and employers have an easier time retaining and recruiting new employees.

Previously, Nyheter24 reported on the candy company Hultén Försäljning, which introduced a four-day week during certain times of the year. There, too, the results were positive.

The candy giant offers its staff days off – with full pay

Locked on pay – the nurses: “Ready to negotiate throughout Easter”

Looking for employers: “Private, municipal, regional and charitable activities”

Right now, 4 day week is looking for employers who want to try a four day work week. The pilot study has not yet started.

– The pilot study will last for six months starting in November 2024, says Alderin.

There are no restrictions on what kind of workplace it should be.

So far, five employers have signed up.

– I am now in dialogue with 70-80 businesses. There are both private, municipal, regional and charitable activities that are interested.

What outcome the study will have in Sweden cannot be said in advance.

Photo: Tim Aro/TT. The project manager: “We are curious”

The study takes place in collaboration with the Stockholm School of Economics and Karlstad University, which will be involved in launching the results in the spring of 2025.

– We are curious if the Swedish result will be in line with what we see internationally, says Anna-Carin Alderin to Nyheter24.

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