Covid health protocol for back to school: will masks be part of it?

Covid health protocol for back to school will masks be

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    Masks or no masks? What place will they have in the health protocol applied from the start of the school year? We answer you.

    A few days before the start of the school year, the third in times of Covid, many parents are asking the question: should they still put masks in their children’s school bags and fill the stocks at home? Officially, the answer is no: the wearing of a mask is no longer required for the general population since the end of the state of health emergency. Students, like school staff, are no longer required to wear masks. Nevertheless, it can and should return in certain specific cases.

    Wearing a mask: in which cases is it recommended?

    First of all, if it is no longer compulsory, wearing a mask in class is not prohibited. According to the Ministry of National Education, the mask remains strongly recommended, from the age of 6, in three cases:

    • In children and adolescents who are considered at risk, fearing a serious form in the event of contamination;
    • Within 7 days of isolation due to a positive test;
    • For 7 days, when the child or adolescent becomes a contact case.

    The mask remains obligatory in two cases

    The mask can also become compulsory in two cases explained by the Ministry:

    • If a student or supervisor experiences symptoms. From the age of 6, he must be isolated, wear a surgical mask or one with a filtration greater than 90%, carry out a screening test and respect the isolation rules in force.
    • When a student is boarding. If he cannot be isolated outside his boarding school, he must remain isolated in his room and must wear a mask in the presence of other people.

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    Can this evolve?

    Remember that, for the moment, the health protocol in force this return to school, called the base of measures, is as light as possible: it no longer limits sport, nor the intermingling of students and only “recommends” keeping barrier gestures. However, the health protocol chosen in schools has no direct impact on the obligation to wear a mask. This can only return if the Government decides to put back the obligation to wear a mask in establishments open to the general public.