Covid: Czech Republic President Zeman hospitalized, new Covid measures announced

While new restrictions were imposed in the Czech Republic, one of the countries with the highest rates of Covid infection in the world, President Milos Zeman was hospitalized after the coronavirus test was positive.

Zeman was treated in a military hospital for 8 days in September due to liver ailments, and was transferred to a military hospital on October 10, unconscious. Zeman was discharged from the hospital yesterday after his condition improved 46 days later.

According to Czech media, Zeman, 77, had also received his third dose of vaccine. Zeman reportedly did not show any Covid symptoms.

The Czech government, on the other hand, announced new restrictions due to the rapid increase in the number of Covid cases in the country.

Accordingly, bars and nightclubs in the country will close at 22:00. Christmas markets will not be established.

A maximum of 1000 people will be able to attend cultural and sports events with wide participation.

Covid alert in Europe

While Covid cases are increasing across Europe, countries are applying tighter restrictions to prevent the crisis that may occur in the winter months.

With 351 more deaths in the last 24 hours in Germany, the number of Covid-related deaths exceeded the threshold of 100,000, making it the fifth country in Europe to surpass 100,000 deaths. The other four countries are Russia, England, Italy and France.

Mandatory vaccination is discussed in the country. The German Ministry of Defense announced that the Covid vaccine may be made compulsory for soldiers.

“All of Germany will either get vaccinated, get sick and get better, or die,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn said earlier this week.

Another country that stands out with the number of Covid cases is Slovakia. A state of emergency of 90 days was declared in the country and it was decided to impose a 2-week closure.

In the country of 5.5 million people, only 45.3 percent are fully vaccinated.

In France, the number of daily cases is over 30 thousand. The Ministry of Health announced that masks will be mandatory in all indoor areas.

Austria, on the other hand, has implemented a 10-day full closure as of Monday, November 22. However, it is stated that this period can be extended to 20 days.

The increase in Covid restrictions and re-closure practices across Europe brings protest demonstrations.