Covid barrier gestures: which ones in force in November 2021?

Covid barrier gestures which ones in force in November 2021

In business, at restaurants, at school … The French are called upon to put on their masks and apply all other recognized barrier gestures to slow down the 5th wave of the Covid which is affecting France. Reminder of the essentials to respect.

[Mise à jour le 23 novembre 2021 à 18h29] Vaccination is not enough. Faced with the resumption of the epidemic in France for a 5th wave, the government calls on the French to resume barrier gestures a time scrupulously respected but today much too neglected. Avoid the wind, wear your mask over your nose and over your mouth, wash your hands, ventilate … “When we enter a period very favorable to the circulation of the virus, like today, it is really fundamental that we all do this additional citizen gesture: wear the mask, keep your distance, wash your hands or get tested in the slightest doubt ” recalled Olivier Véran in an interview for the daily 20 minutes November 16, 2021. are all reflexes to take on a daily basis to avoid spreading the Delta variant, which is much more contagious than the original source of Sars-Cov-2 from 2020. Reminder of the essentials.

What are the barrier gestures in force?

With the confirmation of a 5th wave of Covid in November 2021, the French are called upon to again respect the barrier gestures. As a reminder, those in force in November 2021 are:

  • Ventilation of the rooms as often as possible, at least twice a day for ten minutes.
  • Distance of at least 2 meters from others if you are not wearing a mask
  • Wear a category 1 mask if the distance cannot be respected
  • Limit social contact
  • Cough or sneeze into his elbow
  • Blow your nose in a disposable tissue
  • Wash your hands regularly or use hydro-alcoholic gel
  • Greeting each other without shaking hands and avoiding hugs
  • Avoid touching your face

What do the posters say?

The Ministry of Health regularly updates posters presenting protective measures against Covid-19 in France. The last one below dates from August 2021. In shops, schools, at the workplace … All the posters recalling the actions specific to the places are downloadable from the Public Health France website. They confirm the measures disseminated by WHO.

Displays barrier gestures updated in August 2021. © Ministry of Health

What rules for the mask?

In the general population, wearing a mask, including by asymptomatic people, greatly reduces the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, in combination with other barrier measures. The mask does not replace other barrier gestures. It adds a physical barrier when you are in contact with other people. He must be worn on the nose and mouth to be truly effective. The mask worn by the general population must meet a high filtration standard, that is to say either a Category 1 fabric mask (AFNOR), or a surgical mask.

What barrier gestures in business?

The Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne, called on Monday, November 22, 2021, companies to “re-mobilize” on the respect of barrier gestures: “In business, we must re-mobilize on this respect for barrier gestures, put the mask back on in meetings, when we are in shared spaces … It is very important at a time when we see that the epidemic is starting again “ she declared theors of a visit to the head office of L’Oréal in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine). The last September 2021 protocol recalls all the rules to be respected such as:

  • The employer must take all the organizational measures necessary to limit the risk of crowds, crossings (flow of people) and concentration (density) of staff and customers in order to facilitate compliance with physical distancing.
  • It is necessary toventilate the premises by natural or mechanical ventilation in working order (doors and / or windows open as much as possible, ideally permanently if conditions allow it and at least 5 minutes every hour).
  • the wearing a mask is systematic within companies in closed collective places. It is either a mask “general public filtration greater than 90%” (corresponding to the mask known as “category 1”), or a mask of the surgical type. The mask covers both the nose, the mouth and the chin. (For employees working alone in a nominative office (or room), they do not have to wear the mask when they are alone in their office).
  • Wearing a mask is associated with respecting a physical distance of at least one meter between people, hand hygiene, barrier gestures, as well as cleaning, ventilation, aeration of the premises, the implementation of a prevention policy and the management of the flow of people.
  • The moments of conviviality bringing together face-to-face employees in a professional context can be organized in strict compliance with barrier gestures, in particular the wearing of a mask, ventilation / ventilation measures and the rules of distancing. In this context, it is strongly recommended that these moments of conviviality be held in outdoor spaces.

What barrier gestures in the restaurant?

According to the last protocol published for bars and restaurants in October 2021 :

  • Unless otherwise provided by law or regulation, wearing a mask is not compulsory in the establishment, but it remains highly recommended from the age of six. The operator of the establishment can also decide to make it compulsory.
  • Hydro-alcoholic gel is available to the public within the establishment, and necessarily at the entrance and exit, including on the terrace and also in the toilets. They must be positioned to ensure that they are actually used by users.
  • As far as possible, the menus will be presented in a form that avoids any contact (for example: slate, orally, QR code). The plasticized menus will be cleaned between each manipulation and the paper menus will be disposable.
  • Any contactless payment method (prepayment, transfer, bank cards, QR code, etc.) is preferred. It is recommended to make the payment at the table of consumers in order to avoid their movements within the establishments and to limit the comings and goings on the terrace.
  • The organization of public flow outside and inside the establishment must limit crossings and social interactions

What barrier gestures at school?

Four levels are defined for the 2021-2022 school year in order to organize and implement the health protocols and the fairest possible measures. The health protocol in force in schools, colleges and high schools is level 2. It includes:

  • maintaining reinforced ventilation and hand washing measures
  • wearing a mask indoors for staff and students from elementary school
  • limitation of mixing by level
  • disinfection of the most frequently touched surfaces several times a day and of the dining hall tables after each service