Court employee detained – linked to the “Kurdish fox”

A female court employee is in custody for serious breach of confidentiality.
The woman, who is in her 30s, is employed in the department that handled several cases regarding the “Kurdish fox”.
It reports
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A wave of violence sweeps over Sweden and the “Kurdish fox”, or Rawa Majid as he is actually called, is suspected of being behind several of the acts.

Majid is in custody in his absence in four cases in Sweden about narcotics and preparation for murder. He faces six to eighteen years in prison if convicted.

But Rawa Majid is in Turkey and so far the Swedish authorities have not been able to get hold of him. Last week also revealed The evening paper that top-secret information handed over to Turkey ended up with criminals in Sweden.

Confidential information

On Wednesday, an employee at the Attunda district court was arrested on suspicion of having disseminated classified information – a person who was detained on Friday.

Now Dagens juridik reports that it is about a woman in her 30s who works as a court administrator in the department at Attunda district court that handled several cases regarding Rawa Majid.

The woman is detained on suspicion of serious breach of confidentiality and serious data breach.

Neither the suspect’s lawyer, Clea Sangborn, nor chief prosecutor Per Nichols want to comment for Dagens juridik on a possible connection between the case with the court administrator and Rawa Majid.

The woman contested the detention request.

Prosecutors related to “Strawberry”

The case is handled by the Special Prosecutor’s Chamber together with the Police Authority’s department for special investigations.

– We have had a close dialogue with the management of Attunda district court, which has facilitated the investigation work, says Per Nichols in a press release.

At the same time reporting SVT that a prosecutor who investigated gang crimes connected to the “Kurdish fox” network Foxtrot is related to “Jordgubben”, another of the network’s leaders who, according to reports, has ended up in a conflict with Majid.

“Strawberry” is said to have previously been one of Rawa Majid’s closest men, and it is precisely the division within Foxtrot that is believed to be behind several of the recent acts of violence.