Country-based working hours have been determined to buy iPhone 15 Pro

Country based working hours have been determined to buy iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro Working hours have been determined according to country. Türkiye, as it will not come as a surprise, ranks first. taking.

To all the details Here from the family we include iPhone 15 model in Turkey 49.999 TL15 Plus 56.999 TL’It starts from . Starting price for 15 Pro 64.999 TLthe starting price for 15 Pro Max is 76.999 TL It is located at the level. Products that will be available for pre-order in Turkey on September 22, Unfortunately, when we look at the world in general, it is sold very, very expensively in Turkey.. According to a dollar-based calculation, who can get the iPhone 15 cheapest? 763 dollars with Japan become citizens. The price to be paid for iPhone 15 in Turkey is in dollars. It is exactly at the level of 1,857 dollars. In Brazil, the phone is full. for $1,879 selling. According to an average income-focused calculation made by PicodiTo get the iPhone 15 Pro, those who live in Turkey have to work the longest. Here, exactly 123 days are calculated for Tü second place with 79 days Philippines, third place with 66 days Brazil It is located. Those who have to work the least to own a 15 Pro are: Swiss citizens with only 4 days. As everyone knows, high taxes and exchange rates are behind the high prices of new phones in Turkey. According to Apple Turkey, the current price of iPhone 15 is 49,999 TL. Includes taxes and legal fees up to 21 thousand TL. These fees include items that make a big difference, such as VAT, SCT, TRT and Cultural Fund share.