Could be corruption

Cold facts’ examination of the suspected thefts at Skåne University Hospital shows that the people singled out were employed at the same time as running private companies alongside their duties. Corruption researcher Emanuel Wittberg at Linköping University believes that the disclosure shows problems with side jobs related to healthcare.

– It is precisely that it is such a clear example of a type of sophisticated corruption where the boundaries between the private and public spheres are blurred and become just a gray area, says Emmanuel Wittberg.

Equipment worth millions is missing

Region Skåne has reported the suspected thefts to the police. According to an internal report, eight patient monitors and eleven anesthetic machines of the brand Dräger, worth around one million kroner in used condition, are missing.

– It seems that some kind of subculture has emerged with, as you describe it, a potential systematic, that it has been going on for a very long time and several people are involved, says Emanuel Wittberg.