Corazza Formed second on L’s EU list

Corazza Formed second on Ls EU list
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full screen Anna Maria Corazza Bildt is in second place on the Liberals’ EU ballot. Archive image. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

Ex-moderate Anna Maria Corazza Bildt is put in second place on the Liberals’ ballot for the EU elections in June. It was decided by the party’s national meeting on Friday.

She was challenged for second place by party board member Simona Mohamsson from Gothenburg. Corazza Bildt won the vote with the numbers 106 to 77.

The ballot is topped by current EU Member of Parliament Karin Karlsbro, who was unanimously chosen as the first name.

The Liberals currently have only one mandate in the EU Parliament. The representatives at the national meeting who advocated Corazza Bildt pointed out that she is a campaign machine that attracts many personal votes.

Anna Maria Corazza Bildt was MEP for the Moderates 2009-2019.