Copying the voices of celebrities with artificial intelligence becomes child’s play

Copying the voices of celebrities with artificial intelligence becomes childs

Using the voices of celebrities with artificial intelligence becomes child’s play. AI systems could also change the music world.

Artificial intelligence systems are changing everything, including the sound and music side. This area is still on the agenda today because Roberto Nickson is a special artificial intelligence model He copied Kanye West’s voice using the . With the not very difficult process, the voice of the famous singer can be found in any desired content (Like a song or a dubbing) can be made available and that looks really incredible. Of course, this system, which is very open to abuse, is a preview of a future where artists will record their albums digitally without going to the studio. These systems, which appear to cause great concern and incident under intellectual property and copyright laws, are already working great and it is stated that the technologies that will come before the end of the year will make the difference to an indistinguishable level.

A similar issue has come up before. Recently, voice and speech focused artificial intelligence initiative ElevenLabsa platform that gives users the power to do voiceovers, create entirely new synthetic voices if desired, or clone someone’s voice released as beta. Here is this test-driven activated system of the internet world. (Especially users on 4chan) lasted only a few days. The company made a mandatory statement on Twitter. stated that they had to take precautions against these abuses.. According to reports, clips of famous names saying very bad things exploded on 4chan. Using this system, users prepared sound clips in which famous names made homophobic, transphobic, violent and racist remarks. You know, situations like this “deepfake” technology made a big splash when it first exploded. Thanks to Deepfake, the faces of female celebrities were added to many pornographic content.


Before this on artificial intelligence and sound Microsoft had sounded. The company has appeared in the past weeks. VALL-E came out with. This system focuses on automatic voice over text and It can analyze people’s voices from only 3-second recordings and make them usable in long vocalizations. Although it uses only 3 seconds of data according to initial explanations, it is a natural, not robotic. automatic voice over The system that can offerEnCodecIt is based on the codec technology ”. EnCodec, the artificial intelligence-assisted audio compression method, can seriously compress audio without loss of quality.

In the process of developing VALL-E, it also benefited from Meta’s data (Exactly 60 thousand hours of conversation). MicrosoftIn this infrastructure, it analyzes how a person’s voice sounds during speech, divides this information into separate components to make it usable, and uses the fed data to create how the speech / voice will sound out of the three-second sample. It is reported that people can imitate even the intonations and acoustics of the environment by taking the entered data. VALL-E systemis still under development and reveals great potential for the future.