controversy around the French rapper Booba, three months before a concert in Casablanca

controversy around the French rapper Booba three months before a

Booba is targeted by calls for a boycott in Morocco. Since the announcement of the rapper’s concert scheduled for June 21 in Casablanca, the artist has been confronted with many voices rising against the organization of his show on the soil of the Cherifian kingdom. He is accused of having made remarks deemed blasphemous and misogynistic against North African women, and in particular Moroccan women.

With our correspondent in Rabat, Nadia Ben Mahfoudh

Since the announcement of the arrival of Booba in Morocco, Moroccan social networks are on fire. Many Internet users are asking for the cancellation of the “Duke of Boulogne” concert. A petition was even launched by Tarik Talk. This Moroccan Internet user living in France wishes to remain anonymous, but he explains the two problems posed by this event:

The first is the way he considers women in general, and North African/Moroccan women in particular: when he makes his songs about ”beurettes”, this way of denigrating women… That does not correspond to the values ​​of Morocco. »

The second thing is all the blasphemous talk. Morocco is a Muslim country. Admittedly, he is tolerant, he is welcoming… But these kinds of words are unacceptable. »

The concert organizer explains that this campaign is remotely controlled. He accuses the Twitter accounts mobilized of being financed, among others, by the Franco-Moroccan rapper Maes, who encouraged the movement to call for the cancellation of the concert by sharing the petition. The organizer adds that Booba’s previous five concerts in Morocco had been a resounding success, even though they took place after the rapper’s problematic song. He claims that 90 days from the event, more than 60% of the tickets have already been sold.