controversy after the appearance of electoral posters of the transitional president before the official campaign

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In Chad, for several days, posters and portraits bearing the image of the transitional president and candidate for the presidential election have been appearing on billboards installed on the main roads of Ndjamena and in certain provincial towns, according to reports. numerous witnesses on social networks. The opposition speaks of a serious violation of the Electoral Code which prohibits campaigning outside the electoral campaign, scheduled from April 14 to May 4. She attacks the election management body, the Angel, which finally reacted yesterday Wednesday.

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The opponent and presidential candidate Chad, Brice Mbaïmon Guedmbaye has not lost his temper since he noticed the presence of numerous giant portraits of the candidate Mahamat Idriss Deby at several strategic points in Ndjamena, without this affecting, according to him, the National Election Management Agency (Ange). An attitude which confirms, he accuses, the fact that this Agency “has taken up the cause of the transitional president”.

Since the president put up posters, the Angel hasn’t lifted a finger to stop her, that means she has a partisan attitude, protests Brice Mbaïmon Guedmbaye, joined by Esdras Ndikumanafrom the Africa editorial team. So we think that given their controversial appointment, we are being confirmed in our convictions that the ANGE has a partisan posture. »

The organization reacted Wednesday afternoon: it “ required all candidates to remove posters and other campaign portraits throughout the national territory “. But without daring to specify that it is, in this case, posters of candidate Mahamat Idriss Deby, the opposition quips ironically.

As for the accusations of partisanship in favor of the transitional president? Brushed aside by the president of L’Ange, Ahmed Bartchiret: “ You know that the Angel is independent. We have taken the necessary measures to issue the press release so that all these means of propaganda effectively cease, both at the level of the city here and in the provinces. Let people say what they think, but we do our job, that’s all. »

The Angel warns: the sanctions provided for by the Electoral Code will be applied if these posters are not removed immediately from the billboards.

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