Constantine 2 will be a disappointment if 2 brilliant characters don’t return

Constantine 2 will be a disappointment if 2 brilliant characters
Keanu Reeves is set to make a new appearance as a worn-out DC demon hunter in Constantine 2. For Constantine fans, a long-cherished wish has come true. But many are also hoping for the return of two iconic characters from the debut. Because Peter Stormare as the devil and Tilda Swinton

as Gabriel deliver the best scenes of the film there.

Constantine 2 must bring back the nemesis of Keanu Reeves’ character

Veteran actors Stormare (Fargo) and Swinton (Three Thousand Years of Longing) give their all in their roles. Satan has never been so intoxicatingly slimy, mischievous and animalistic as Stormare’s Lucifer in a white suit. And never became the radiant Archangel Gabriel in such a cold-blooded, brutal, condescending and at the same time childish way illustrated as by Swinton. Reddit is already eagerly anticipating the return of the characters and cast.

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Peter Stormare as the Devil and Tilda Swinton as Gabriel in Constantine

The meeting of the two meanies in Constantine is accordingly a favorite scene of many fans. The value of both figures is not limited to grandiose individual moments. The unique depiction of two ancient biblical figures also shows an incredible creative desire to deal with the role models and the comic template. It’s one of the reasons why Constantine is far better than many other adaptations.

Whether Constantine 2 will bring back Swinton and Stormare is not yet known. content Does the return make sense? after all, her figures are the central representatives of heaven and hell. Stormare was the first cast member to talk about working on a sequel almost two years ago (via Twitter). It stands to reason that he is involved in the project in one way or another.

When will the DC hit Constantine 2 with Keanu Reeves be in cinemas?

It is not yet clear when Constantine will appear in the cinema. Both Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games) have their hands full at the moment. We hold a publication Late 2023 to mid 2024 for realistic.

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Do you wish for a return of Swinton and Stormare in Constantine 2?