Congratulations! Hanna Öberg turns 28 – and reveals why she snubbed Sweden’s biggest TV show

WC queen and multiple Olympic gold medalist.
Today we celebrate Hanna Öberg’s birthday!

We also pay attention to why the biathlon star turned down the TV hit.

Three Olympic medals, eleven WC medals and seven World Cup victories. Hanna Öberg has already achieved a lot in his biathlon career. And she has plenty of time left to add to the medals in the prize cabinet, as Sweden’s currently best biathlete turns just 28 years old.

Hanna’s success

In March 2017, Hanna Öberg was named “Female Rookie of the Year” by the International Biathlon Union after her World Cup debut in 2016. Her real breakthrough came during the 2018 Olympics. Then Öberg won gold in the 15 kilometer individual start and silver in the relay together with the Swedish women’s team.

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230319 Elvira and Hanna Öberg of Sweden celebrate after women’s 12.5 km biathlon mass start during the IBU World Cup on March 19, 2023 in Oslo. Photo: Vegard Grøtt / BILDBYRÅN / code VG / VG0415

For her achievements in 2018, Hanna was awarded both the Bragdguldet and the Jerring prize. Since then, the medals have not stopped coming. During this year’s WC in Oberhof, Öberg was victorious in the distance and the mass start, she took silver in the sprint and bronze in the women’s relay. The success came after the 28-year-old had problems with illnesses and form during the season before the championship.

Hanna’s WC efforts got SVT’s commentators – the former biathlete Bear Ferry and the reporter Ola Branholm – to appoint her as WC queen.

Öberg’s disclosure

During the last season, Öberg also took three World Cup victories.

Something else that happened during the last season was that the Swedish national biathlon team was followed by a camera team from SVT to record the channel’s documentary series “Bäst när det gäder”. In the series, Hanna made a revelation that shocked her teammate.

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230215 Linn Persson, Hanna Öberg of Sweden and Lisa Vittozzi of Italy with their medals in Women’s 15 km Individual Competition at a medal ceremony during the IBU Biathlon World Championships on February 15, 2023 in Oberhof. Photo: Mathias Bergeld / BILDBYRÅN / code MB / MB0551

When Öberg and Lynn Persson sitting in a car on the way to the medal ceremony in Oberhof after they won gold and silver in the distance race. They are practicing singing Sweden’s national anthem “Du gamla, du fria”, when Hanna reveals that she has been asked to be part of TV4’s hit program “Masked Singer”.
– No?! Linn exclaims in surprise.

But Öberg continues that she refused to participate, for a simple reason.
I can not sing.

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