CONGRATULATIONS! Armand Duplantis turns 23 – and reveals the beautiful gesture of love to Desiré: “A big thing”

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Today is Armand Duplanti’s big 23rd birthday.
With a high probability, the world star will celebrate it with girlfriend Desiré Inglander.
“Mondo” now reveals the beautiful gesture of love that was decisive for the couple.

The season has been absolutely unparalleled for the world’s best pole vaulter Armand Duplantis. On his birthday today, “Mondo” can look back on a year that will go down in history with its magnificence.

Duplanti’s success

The newly 23-year-old has won double WC gold, both outdoors and indoors, EC gold outdoors, overall victory in the Diamond League, several world records and finally named “Male Track and Field Athlete of the Year” worldwide. Only 23 years old, Duplantis is well on his way to becoming the best pole vaulter of all time and one of Swedish sports’ most successful ever.

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220927 Armand Duplantis with girlfriend Desire Inglander on the red carpet at the gala premiere of the film Born to fly on September 27, 2022 in Stockholm. Photo: Michael Campanella / BILDBYRÅN / COP 313 / MC0024

By his side through the successes of recent years, he has had his girlfriend Desire Inglander, popular influencer and model. The couple met two years ago and have received a lot of attention in the last year, as both guested on television programs to talk about their loving relationship.

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Girlfriend Desiree

They met for the first time at a midsummer party but it was a great act of love from Mondo that was absolutely decisive for them becoming a couple.
– We had been dating for 3-4 months and I was going back to the US to train for the outdoor season. And I usually never travel unless I have to, but Desiré was in Istanbul for a modeling job, so I postponed the US trip and went to see her instead. Then I realized that this is real. It was a big thing for me to do. And then we had a fantastic holiday together, says Duplantis in an interview with Elle magazine.
– It was a big step. I remember thinking “are we doing this now?”, admits Desiré.

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220724 Armand Duplantis of Sweden kisses his girlfriend Desiré Inglander after winning men’s pole vault and breaking the world record during day 10 of the 2022 World Athletics Championships on July 24, 2022 in Eugene. Photo: Joel Marklund / BILDBYRÅN / code JM / JM0338

Since then, they have moved in together in an apartment in Stockholm and the love is still strong. The young couple hang out very often and Desiré accompanies Mondo to pole vaulting competitions around the world.
– I love that Armand is so patient. He is good at understanding me and he would never let me leave home without telling me if there is something that is bothering me, says Desiré when she is allowed to describe their relationship.
– We are different in a perfect way. Sure, Desiré is more impatient than I am, but I’m also often too calm. We complement each other. And we have the same sense of humor!, says Duplantis in the interview.
Yes, we laugh a lot, she replies.

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