Congolese football sounded after revelations about a pedophile system

Congolese football sounded after revelations about a pedophile system

The latest revelations from French journalist Romain Molina have brought to light a system that has plagued football in the DRC for more than twenty years: a child criminal environment that thrives without trouble. The Congolese Football Federation (Fecofa) has announced the opening of an investigation.

Members of the Congolese Football Federation (FECOFA) are believed to be involved. Some officials and clubs would have done nothing to stop the acts. Friday, November 4, the Minister of Sports, Serge Nkonde, spoke and intends to punish any culprits. If in the country the question divides, the vast majority agrees: it is urgent to open an investigation and to punish the culprits. The Congolese Football Federation (Fecofa) has already announced the opening of an investigation.

One of the defendants, Bertin Maku, did not want to comment on the facts. The current assistant coach of FC Saint Eloi Lupopo of Lubumbashi is waiting, according to him, for the authorization of his lawyer to communicate his position. But in the country, many people still agree on the fact that preventive measures should be taken pending the outcome of the investigations.

This is the case of Doctor Dieudonné Pablo Ngwej, DRC football representative in Lubumbashi, joined by our correspondent Pascal Mwangala. “All the people, who have been cited in one way or another, should first withdraw from Congolese football, pending the establishment of responsibilities. »

Florent Ibenge advocates caution

A position shared by Maître Patrick Katebe Kaisa, lawyer in the Kinshasa office: “ Rumors were already swirling about certain unsavory practices in the sports world, but now that the victims have decided today to come out of the shadows and bring the case to justice, there will be serious consequences. »

Only, other people opted for caution, among them Florent Ibenge. The former coach of the DRC Football Leopards and coach of Vita Club, warns that only tangible evidence can allow a positive judgment. He, like many other Congolese, believe that the Congolese coach, and beyond DRC football, can be the target of blackmail.