Congolese civil society organizations demand an investigation

Congolese civil society organizations demand an investigation

Civil society organizations working for the promotion of democracy and human rights on Tuesday demanded explanations from the Congolese authorities on the Guy Nzouba-Ndama case. This Gabonese opponent was arrested last Saturday at the Congolese-Gabonese border with suitcases containing more than 2 million euros, more than a billion CFA francs in cash.

With our correspondent in Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

In the office where these organizations met to refine their declaration, Trésor Nzila of the Cercle d’actions pour le développement (CAD) is wearing his usual hat, sitting in an armchair with his feet crossed.

He judges ” very shocking and outrageous » the image that has circulated on social networks showst the Gabonese opponent with suitcases full of cash, during his arrest by gendarmes at the Congolese-Gabonese border.

Trésor Nzila demands explanations from the government because, he believes, the population has the right to know what is going on. ” The silence of the Congolese authorities four days after this scandal cannot be explained. The government has an obligation to tell the truth to the Congolese. It is important that this situation be clarified; that the origin of the funds and their usefulness are known he says.

It demands a substantial judicial investigation: “ The public prosecutor must take up this file because we cannot understand that a Gabonese opponent arrives on Congolese soil empty-handed, then returns home with suitcases (full of money). It’s incomprehensible. When we follow the reaction of the Gabonese authorities, the money actually left the Congo and is now in the Gabonese Treasury. “, insists Mr. Nzila

In Brazzaville, the Guy Nzouba-Ndama affair is fueling conversations in drinking establishments and many other public places. Both are wondering about the origin of the funds. For the moment, no communication from the authorities.

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