Condemned after the daughter’s Ukraine drawing – is supported by the Wagner group

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Twelve-year-old Masha’s father Aleksey Moskalyov was convicted after she drew a pro-Ukraine cartoon in Russia. For a year, the father and daughter have been separated from each other following a decision by the Russian authorities. Now the family gets unexpected help – from the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin. Last April, twelve-year-old Masha was arrested by Russian police after drawing a pro-Ukraine drawing at an art class in the Russian city of Yefremov. Among other things, she drew a woman and a child next to a Ukrainian flag with the text “Live Ukriana”. Masha was taken into the care of Russian authorities and at the same time she was separated from her father, Alexei Moskalyov. On Tuesday, almost a year after Masha drew her drawing at school, the father was sentenced to two years in a penal colony for “discrediting” the Russian military. In connection with the sentence, he escaped from his house arrest and the lawyer Vladimir Bilijenko states that he does not know where Moskalyev is. For the past year, letters and drawings have been the only way for Masja to communicate with her father. The letters have now been noticed in social media and the lawyer has confirmed that they are authentic, according to TT. “I love you very much and know that you are not guilty of anything,” reads one of Masja’s letters. “Everything will be ok and we will be together. You are my hero”. Unexpected support from the Wagner group The lawyer also says that it is difficult to predict what will happen to twelve-year-old Masja. On April 6, a court will make a decision on whether the father’s custody rights should be limited. The case has attracted national attention in Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has, among other things, called Alexei Moskalyov “a bad father”. At the same time, the father now receives unexpected support from the head of the paramilitary Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin. According to the Reuters news agency, he says that the family has been treated unfairly. Prigozhin has asked the prosecutors to review the sentence against Alexei Moskalyov and also offered to contribute with lawyers connected to the Wagner Group. The father’s lawyer, Vladimir Bilijenko, says he is open to accepting Prigozhin’s help, but stressed he was unsure of his motives. – I am ready to accept any help that can help my client, he tells Reuters. In the player above: Hear local politician Olga Podolskaya talk about Masja.