Concerns about shared data lead to more complaints

Concerns about shared data lead to more complaints

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full screen Many who contact the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority are worried about how their surfing is recorded and managed by the internet providers. Archive image. Photo: Tim Aro/TT

The number of complaints to the Post and Telecommunications Agency (PTS) is increasing. Many are concerned about how their data is shared and used by telecom companies.

In total, the number of complaints regarding telephony and the internet to the authority increased by 39 percent last year, compared to 2021.

This is an increase from just over 2,600 cases to nearly 3,700.

Most complaints, 35 percent, concerned access to telephony and internet as well as interruptions, mobile coverage and interference.

One area where complaints increased sharply in 2022 concerns how websites and services are allowed to store and handle user data. That category makes up 29 percent of all complaints in 2022, compared to 7 percent in 2021.

Many of those cases are questions connected to the internet provider Bahnhof. In January last year, PTS decided that Bahnhof is obliged to share information with the police and other law enforcement authorities if a crime is suspected.

In 2022, PTS received 926 cases concerning Bahnhof, compared to only 18 cases in 2021. The majority, 864 cases, were received in February.

Those who got in touch were largely concerned about how their data would be treated in such information sharing.


Complaints to PTS

A total of 3,677 complaints and questions were received from the public to PTS in 2022. This is an increase of around 39 percent compared to 2021, when 2,654 contacts were registered.

3,023 cases concerned electronic communication (telephony and broadband).

35 percent concerned access and interruptions.

29 percent concerned web cookies and confidential information.

8 percent concerned calls and numbers.

11 percent concerned agreements and information.

The remaining 654 cases fall under the other category and dealt with radio, television and apps, among other things.

Source: The report “PTS contacts with the public 2022”

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