Concerns about historic town hall Vianen: will the municipality sell the building?

Concerns about historic town hall Vianen will the municipality sell

Politicians about town hall

A round of calls to politicians in Vijfheerenlanden shows that the subject is alive. A narrow minority indicates that they do not want to sell the town hall under any circumstances, which means that the question can rightly be asked whether that will ever happen. “You are not going to put cultural heritage in the trash,” says Wim van Dijk on behalf of VHL Lokaal, the largest party in the city council.

D66 also says: “If you put it on the market, you’ve lost it and it will never come back.” Committee member Thomas van Montfoort of the PvdA: “In addition to the old Lek bridge, this building is a symbol of Vianen. Many residents are also married.” Many other parties also say they would prefer to keep the building, but keep their cards against the chest.