Concern that the Norrbothnia Railway will be stopped with a new government

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Skellefteå is the largest city in Sweden that has no passenger traffic by rail. At the same time, the city, the municipality and the entire region are now expanding strongly in connection with many new industrial establishments that are taking place in the wake of a battery factory being established here.

Therefore, the railway along the coast is long-awaited for many in several respects. But in the Social Democratic-governed Skellefteå, people are now wondering what a new moderate-led government can mean for the construction of the railway.

– Will we get the continued support in northern Sweden that is necessary? We have spent so many hours on the Norrbothnia Railway, more than SEK 15 billion has been set aside and the construction is now in full swing outside Umeå, clearly there is a concern, says Lorents Burman (S), who is a municipal councilor and chairman of the Norrbothnia Railway Group.

M: “Scare propaganda”

When the social democratic infrastructure minister Tomas Eneroth was asked last year if things could happen that mean that the Norrbothnia railway is still not completed, he answered as follows:

– Yes, it is if we get a change of government and the Moderates take over government power, because it is clear that it is the party that has been the fiercest opponent of the Norrbothnia Railway.

But the moderates believe this is scaremongering on the part of the Social Democrats.

– I see no reason for concern. We moderates have said that this project should be carried out and we are also not locked into financing high-speed rail in southern Sweden, comments Andreas Löwenhöök who is an opposition councilor in Skellefteå.

He believes that the parties that are up for government formation will want to build the Norrbothnia railway. And the Swedish Transport Administration is fully planning, this week an open house was held about the route to Skellefteå.

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