Complaints increased 2 times! Expert warns: ‘Do not go out between those hours’

Complaints increased 2 times Expert warns Do not go out

Specialist stated that the number of patients at Izmir City Hospital Allergy and Immunology Polyclinic has doubled compared to a few months ago. Dr. Döne Gülçin Unutmaz Erkaya stated that the patient density is normal between February and May. Dr. said that the patients receive outpatient treatment and that spring allergies have some differences from infectious diseases. Erkaya said, “There is an increase in our patients, especially when pollens and trees bloom. This is something we expect. The difference between allergic diseases and others is that they recur. Complaints that recur at certain periods of each year and were seen in the previous year are caused by allergic diseases. Fever, sore throat, cough.” “If it is present and if these symptoms are seen in people living in the same house, we are talking about infection. In these cases, we recommend that the person consult a physician,” he said.


Expert noted that certain individuals are predisposed to allergic diseases. Dr. Erkaya stated that people with food allergies and skin diseases in childhood are more susceptible, and the risk is higher in those with a family history. However, Dr. emphasizes that allergic disease can begin even after the age of 40 in people who do not meet any of these criteria. Erkaya said the following about the symptoms of the disease:

“What is important in allergies is that the same problems occur at certain times of the year. There are usually complaints related to the eyes and nose. Runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath, cough, redness of the eyes, itching and watery eyes are more prominent in allergic patients. Since cough and shortness of breath may also occur in infections “The distinguishing factor is fever. High fever and acute onset make us think of infection.”



Specialist Dr. Erkaya, regarding the ways of protection, said, “First of all, it is important to avoid the allergen for pollen allergy. If possible, one should not go out during the hours and periods when pollen is intense. There is wind especially in the morning hours. Pollen flying is more intense between 05.00 and 09.00 when the sun rises. If it is necessary to go out, go to the vineyard or garden.” Protective equipment should be used if going there. Masks and glasses can be used. Since the pollen from outside is also carried into the house, we recommend taking off your clothes and taking a shower immediately after arriving from outside. We recommend keeping the car windows closed and cleaning the air conditioning filters regularly. Apart from the protective measures, oral medication, nasal spray and allergy sprays are recommended for treatment. “We give them their vaccines,” he said.



Expert stated that the measures can improve the quality of life and also provide a 50 percent decrease in complaints. Dr. Erkaya said, “Treatment duration varies from patient to patient. Periodic treatment is between February and May. If the patient’s complaints are severe, when the allergy vaccine is started, the treatment period varies between 3 and 5 years. According to the feedback we receive from patients, the complaints usually begin towards the beginning of February in those who experience the disease at the end of March.” “We see that the disease is shifting. The increase in air temperatures and seasonal shifts probably caused this. However, since there is a risk of allergic diseases infecting the lungs and turning into asthma, we recommend that precautions be taken,” he said. (DHA)This content was published by Hande Dağ

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