Competition Authority launched an investigation into mobile ecosystems

Competition Authority launched an investigation into mobile ecosystems

Competition Authority took a surprise step today and announced that they are launching an industry review of mobile ecosystems.

The statement made on the subject, for which there is not much detailed information yet, is as follows: transferred: “As an important component of the digital economy, to mobile ecosystems A sectoral review has been initiated. Today, the first mobile smart devices that come to mind when accessing the internet are; It plays a fundamental role in human life by providing quick and easy access to a wide range of products, content and services. For this reason, the functioning of the mobile ecosystem, in which mobile smart devices are the main element, can have direct effects on consumer welfare. With this awareness, when the sector is viewed from the perspective of competition law operating systems, applications, app stores, etc. that make up the mobile ecosystem. it seems that the close interrelatedness of each component may raise competitive concerns.. The fact that players, who have market power due to big data advantage and network effects, operate simultaneously in many sub-markets in mobile ecosystems, further feeds the sector’s concern. The said operation may cause risks such as encountering exclusionary effects in terms of competing products/services, limiting consumer preferences and adversely affecting innovation competition.


Within the framework set out above, Understanding the (possible) competitive and anti-competitive effects of mobile ecosystems and constructing effective policies based on theseconstitutes an important step towards the creation of a competitive market environment in the digital economy. The Mobile Ecosystems Industry Review was launched to lead this step.. In order to ensure maximum participation and data depth, the Mobile Ecosystems Industry Review aims to consult the information of application developers, end consumers and device manufacturers who are users of the service, as well as service providers. With these data, a comprehensive picture of the sector in the focus of competitiveness is revealed.; It is aimed to determine the steps to be taken in the fields of competition law and regulation in order to ensure an effective and competitive functioning. It is announced to the public with respect.”