Common mistakes when renovating

Common mistakes when renovating

In February 2023, Kanal 5 issued a press release that Anders “The Angry Carpenter” Öfvergård would return to the television box, and take on the role of host for the Swedish edition of the British “Renovation Nation”.

Anders “Arga Snickaren” Öfvergård made a comeback in the box

“Renovaringsdrömmar” was Anders Öfvergård’s first presenter assignment, since he had to leave TV4. This after reports of a violent incident at a closing party during the filming of Robinson 2021.

– It’s annoying! I am excited and driven to do a brand new program where I can show more and other sides of myself. It’s also very fun to be back on Kanal 5, it’s a bit like coming home again, Anders Öfvergård said about “Renovation dreams” in a press release.

That’s what Anders Öfvergård did when he disappeared from the TV screen

About a year later, in February 2024, “Renoveringsdrömmar” premiered on Kanal 5 and discovery+. In the program, Anders Öfvergård helped couples and families renovate their dream homes.

“Arga Snickaren” at a press conference in 2010. Photo: Stella Pictures Anders Öfvergård sells his luxury villa

In other words, the spring of 2024 has been packed for Anders Öfvergård, even when it comes to his own “dream house”. News24 has previously reported that the TV profile is selling his house on Värmdö, at the juicy starting price of SEK 25 million.

Anders Öfvergård is selling his luxury villa – at an insane price

In addition to the fact that Anders Öfvergård is in the middle of selling his house in the Stockholm area, he has also built a dream house in Jämtland. In April 2024, he showed off the new luxury house on Instagram, writing: “What a dream house it turned out to be”.

Anders “The Angry Carpenter” Öfvergård shows the expensive purchase

Anders Öfvergård about common renovation mistakes

So there is no doubt that Anders “Arga Snickaren” Öfvergård has a lot of knowledge when it comes to renovation and house building. But what is actually the absolute most common mistake that many people make when renovating at home? Anders Öfvergård has previously told Nyheter24.

– It is that you are a little too positive and a little naive. That is the biggest mistake you are making. But it is also the best thing you do, to dare to build. It is the biggest threshold to cross. Dare to do something. It is very easy to find a reason not to do it.

– Time is a rather big factor, where you notice that perhaps not as much has happened as we had hoped for. And then you enter a phase where it becomes a bit difficult. Then you have to be at least two and “team” together and encourage each other.

Anders Öfvergård’s new house in Jämtland. Photo: Stella Pictures

Anders Öfvergård shows his new dream house: “Delighted”

The “Angry Carpenter’s” best renovation tips

Anders Öfvergård also lists some important points that you must remember when renovating yourself at home.

– To begin with, you can make a budget. Then you can also do a rigorous planning. But the first step you have to take is to dream all the way. Completely unlimited. Then you scale it down to realism.