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Comment Not everyone realized that Antti Tuisku was mega class sports

Nowadays, it shouldn’t be surprising anymore that the most wonderful things can create a social frenzy.

However, that was evident when the most amazing skiing news broke out on Sunday: Antti tuisku started a skiing project.

We wondered why offers “advertising space” for such a rapture. We thought the idea was stupid, because Tuisku can’t do well in the WC.

It was felt that this is where sports journalism died, when news about such a hoax is bigger than about the pair sprints of the Vantaa SM skiing.

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The media should tell about interesting phenomena and stories. The results can be found in the results services.

On Sunday, ‘s website published one article about Antti Tuiskus, one about the men’s pair sprint and one about the women’s race. Without going into the data in more detail, the Tuisku news attracted at least five times more readers than either of the couple print stories.

The appeal of stories is influenced by many things, such as the success of the headline, and each media has its own publishing strategies. Above, however, an unanswerable example for those who wondered why the stories got “disproportionately” column space in the commercial media.

Also, with all due respect, it was the World Championships, which even the best skiers thought were at the wrong time. It smelled like a forced bun.

Of course, Tuisku’s reception was positively happy. The opportunities offered by the project were mostly understood, especially among other skiers.

– The skiing news of the day was Antti Tuisku’s Ski Club and investment in a skiing career. All ways to get people to follow skiing and to think about the different ways we have to support and help athletes towards the top are welcome, said the skiing boss Sirpa Korkatti who is running for the position as president of the Ski Association.

Of course, talking about column spaces and cliques cannot be the only value that defines news.

Everyone can have their opinion about the level of sports journalism, but for those who are concerned, it should be clarified that Antti Tuisku’s announcement on Sunday was the overwhelming number one news of the day, also and specifically from the point of view of top sports. Here are three explanations why.

1. New ideas are needed

What has been talked about in skiing this season? Of huge financial problems. About the alarmingly reduced number of hobbyists and competitive skiers.

Now, a real megastar by Finnish standards, wants to help. He also has his personal influences and motives, but at the same time the project is a potential stroke of luck for Finnish skiing.

Firstly, Tuisku, through its new ski club, offers an opportunity to young skiers who are aiming for a professional skiing career. Both financial support and, for example, guidance on strengthening a personal sports brand are available.

It is exactly these kinds of new and exceptional openings that are needed in skiing, where the activities at the top stage are so much a Hihitoliitto attraction.

– The project sounds great. This is a different type of approach to the partner market, which has sometimes been quite challenging in cross-country skiing, Sami Jauhojärvi said For Iltalehti.

– It will be like a new private team. It’s a really great thing, Aino-Kaisa Saarinen admired.

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2. Pulse to the track and the stands

Tuisku’s project is not a denigration of SC-level skiing, but a tribute to top skiing.

In interviews, Tuisku has not claimed that he will do well in the WC. He has emphasized that he is trying in his own way to show how brutal and violent the sport is at the top level.

Having become a coach Reijo Jylhä according to Tuisku’s physical ability in terms of oxygen uptake is already at the level of an average endurance athlete, including male skiers.

However, Tuisku emphasized that as a skier, he is a total badass, who might get cold in the SC Games, even though he trains completely professionally for a year.

– I’ve also heard that you could already go there to compete! That’s really a huge difference. This is a human experiment where we can see what can actually be accomplished in a year, Tuisku said.

It’s about a human experiment that can encourage completely new types of creators both on the ski slopes and in the ski spectators. It can give a boost to both a child thinking about his hobby and a middle-aged person who needs healthy exercise.

– There has been talk of a human experiment, where one’s own limits are sought. It’s a good idea on a wider scale. Everyone can apply for the limits in the ways they want, thought Kihu’s leading expert Ville Vesterinen.

3. Jättipotti just for skiing

The reputation of skiing as a solitary, conservative and ascetic sport lives deep. Emotions are shown at most by cursing alone in the forest.

It must be said that modern skiers have already debunked this reputation with merit. Perttu Hyvärinen even offered a fiery speech on the subject during the Ruka World Cup, when many liked it Iivo Niskanen emotional outburst as silly and childish.

– This is such a conservative sport that when the blueberry soups are visible on the breasts and crushed, there is less feedback, Hyvärinen uploaded.

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When the Tuisku news broke, the media arranged to interview various skiing experts.

Expert reviews are interesting, but the right person to be interviewed is the little boater who, a year from now, has skied the first Hipposkis of her life and arrived at the ski stand for the first time in her life, and paid for the tickets to the SM skis with her family.

If the essence of top sports has to be summed up in one word, it is first and foremost the entertainment business. Another relevant term is emotional business.

Isn’t Antti Tuisku quite a hack in those things?

Ski lovers have reason to rejoice.