Comment: Great exact confirmations from the NHL available for Leijon – now all bets are on these five players | Sport

Comment Great exact confirmations from the NHL available for Leijon

It’s that time of the year again: the snow melts, spring arrives and the World Cup is just around the corner. At the same time, when the NHL league tables begin to take their final form at the end of the regular season, speculations about the Lions’ possible NHL reinforcements naturally start.

To last spring’s home games Jukka Jalonen took a surprising number of NHL players compared to their line in recent years, and at a surprisingly late stage. Of course, the situation was the same a year earlier, in the home games that ended with a golden celebration.

In the two home games, the people were really spoiled, because they were seen in the lion shirt Miro from Heiska, Mikko from Ranta, Mikael Granlundia and Grab Kapo.

Quality above all else

The stars of the first basket are hardly seen in the Czech courts, but as we saw last spring, that should not be the absolute value for the Lions. Quality over quantity.

In fact, if the NHL standings were locked right now, there would be excellent coverage specifically for the Lions’ needs and values. Let’s take a quick look.

As usual, you should first exclude the players who are outside the playoffs, but without a contract.

Few players want to go to the World Cup without a new NHL contract. A serious injury in the “Skoda tournament” could be very expensive.

Goalkeepers are such players Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen mixed Kaapo Kähkonen and defenders Henri Jokiharju mixed Juuso Välimäki.

The situation is unfortunate for Luukkonen and Kähkönen, because both have played a good season on NHL ice. Luukkonen has been the best goalkeeper in the entire series since 2024. Jokiharju has visited the World Cup team before and Välimäki has played well in recent weeks.

In addition Eeli Tolvanen, Valtteri Puustinen mixed Kasperi Kapanen are players whose contracts are expiring and who are hardly seen in the Czech Republic.


Then we’ll get to the steak itself.

Among the forwards, San Jose’s Mikael Granlund should be the rightful choice as the Lions’ top forward for the IIHF May Day.

Granlund has seen, experienced and won everything in Europe, an all-round player with skill and soul, who is always getting a letter sewn on his chest at Leijon these days. Superior powers, inferior powers, everything. Factory warranty.

There are now also other good options available for attack.

of New Jersey Erik Haulaa has not been seen on the World Cup ice since the memorable spring of 2014. At that time, Finland lost to Russia 2–5 in the final match after a shameful refereeing farce.

Haula himself got in the final From Yevgeni Malkin a cross stick to the face, but the whistle didn’t blow. Finland played for 28 minutes in the match, in other words, enough to turn the result of the match.

All the same, the services of the now versatile and experienced Haula would definitely be useful at the MM ice.

The same would apply to Arizona Matias Maccellin for game-making skills. A new time Raipe Helminen or Esa Keskinen has established his place on the NHL map primarily through his game rhythm and passing skills. Maccelli has recorded 11+35 power points in the NHL this season.

The Lions in the Czech Republic definitely need this caliber of soccer talent.

of Montreal Joel Armian should be a sure choice for the spring WC. Armia is an extremely versatile and, above all, reliable player who can be played almost anywhere in the lineup at the World Cup level.

High work ethic, reliability, good shot and excellent ice killer. Played in the home games in both spring 2022 and 2023. In the first mentioned, he collected a handsome statistic line of 5+3, and +9.

In Montreal, Armia has quietly played a really good season this season, even though the statistics have not gone through the roof.

Defense and goalkeepers?

There is less supply for defense. In other words, only Detroit Olli Määttäand there is no certainty about this either, as Detroit is still in the playoff battle of the Eastern Conference to the greatest extent possible.

However, if Määtt is available, there is no need to think twice about the choice. Leijonat needs solid basic rutting and giving the first pass. Määtt doesn’t shine in goal totals, but represents the reliable type of player that winning teams always need.

The goalkeeper situation is the most difficult.

There is practically only Joonas Korpisalo, for whom the first season in Ottawa has been a nightmare. Korpisalo has been undeniably – at least in light of the statistics – one of the weakest starting goaltenders in the NHL regular season.

Would the direction of the season suddenly change in the Czech Republic and does the player even want to go try?

of Detroit Ville Husso may recover from illness before the end of the NHL regular season, but his story is very similar to Korpisalo’s. The season has been difficult and the end was still broken due to injury.

I would choose hot goalkeepers from Europe.

I would bet on Granlund, Maccelli, Haula, Armia and Määtä.

It would be easy for these five to find their own clear roles in the team, and each of them would bring to the table clear, easily recognizable strengths for coaching – and let’s not forget that egos would not come with this five to the team.

There is therefore an easy and clear set available this spring.