Collision on county road 503 – four to hospital

Three cars have collided just outside Lindome, south of Gothenburg.
One of the cars caught fire and four people were taken to hospital.
– It is a serious accident, says Johan Eklund, alarm and line operator at the rescue service.

Shortly after eight o’clock, the police and emergency services were called to a traffic accident on county road 503 at Lindome in Mölndal municipality.

– There are three cars involved, says Johan Eklund at the rescue service.

According to the police, one of the cars caught fire.

– There are a total of four people taken to hospital, one in an ambulance helicopter, says police spokesperson Fredrik Svedemyr.

The extent of the damage is still unclear.

The road is completely closed

The road is completely closed in both directions.

– We have set a forecast of two hours, says Johan Eklund at the rescue service.

The Swedish Transport Agency also states that the accident has a very large impact on traffic.