Collected from the village in Bayburt, the effect is incredible! Destroys cancer cells at a high rate

Collected from the village in Bayburt the effect is incredible

In the research conducted by Bayburt University, it was determined that black rosehip grown in the Bayburt region is effective against breast cancer. Bayburt University Health Services Vocational School Director Dr. Instructor Under the supervision of member Hamit Emre Kızıl and Dr. Instructor According to the results of the master’s thesis conducted under the co-supervision of its member Sinan Bayram, it was concluded that the black rosehip extract grown in the Bayburt region destroyed breast cancer cells at a high rate.

Prepared by graduate student Büşra Kıcık and presented by Dr. Instructor Member Kizil and Dr. Instructor The master’s thesis titled ‘Determination of Some Biological Activities of the Naturally Grown Black Rosehip (Rosa pimpinellifolia) Fruit in the Bayburt Region’, conducted under the management of its member Bayram, was prepared after long and meticulous studies. Black rosehip collected from Gümüşsu village of Bayburt city center was analyzed in Bayburt University Central Research Laboratory after it was dried and powdered.


Dried and turned into powder

Making a statement on the subject, his thesis advisor, Dr. Instructor Member Red; “Bayburt and its surroundings are very rich in terms of plant diversity. Black rosehip is also included in this wealth. With this study, we aimed to see the clinical results as well as the chemical contents of the black rosehip, which is the subject of our research. Our research; It includes collecting, drying and pulverizing the samples, then determining the chemical content, examining their properties such as antioxidant and anticancer. After this study, which we put forward as the first step in cancer research, we are also targeting experimental animal studies.” said.



Emphasizing that black rosehip is especially effective against breast cancer, Dr. Instructor Member Kızıl said, “One of our important parameters in determining the subject of the research was to reveal the cancer-curing effect of rosehip. It has been seen in studies that the active substances in rosehip are effective against cancer. It was concluded that black rosehip has extremely beneficial compounds for breast cancer patients as an ingredient.” used his statements.

Stating that they continue their studies to reveal the richness and characteristics of plants in Bayburt, under the roof of Bayburt University, Dr. Instructor Member Kızıl said “Rector Prof. Dr. Happy Turkmen, our co-advisor Dr. Instructor Member Sinan Bayram, our graduate student Büşra Kıcık and everyone who contributed.” he said.