CoD Warzone 2 has a powerful headshot sight that helps with aiming

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There were already discussions about the “Raptor-FVM40” visor around the release of Modern Warfare 2. The part has a display that shows you the bullet drop over distances – ideal for Call of Duty: Warzone 2. Currently the thing cannot be unlocked via the weapon smith – you can only buy it.

What is that crazy visor? The Raptor FVM40 sight is at the bottom of your sniper scope list and comes with a special benefit:

This benefit isn’t currently found on any other sniper scope, but it means you’re much better at headshots at range. Because the part calculates the ball drop for you over the distance – a huge advantage that currently costs more than 20 euros.

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Visor with “Rangefinder” is behind Paywall

How do I get the visor? The activation display has been bugged for several weeks. Sometimes it should go with the TAQ-M, sometimes with the M13B or the new Sniper Victus XMR.

However, none of this is true – you currently have no way of unlocking the part via your weapon smith. We discovered many solutions, but none resulted in unlocking.

However, the cosmetic bundle “VII: Sloth” has been available in the shop for a few days. Also included: a skin for König, 5 small cosmetics, a shotgun blueprint and… the Victus XMR with the Raptor FVM40 scope.

So currently you have to spend 2,400 CoD points to secure this advantage:

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The small red dot under the crosshair shows you the correct position to sink the ball on the target at range.

It goes even further: according to reports, the sight cannot be screwed onto any other sniper rifle after purchase. You are then bound to the Victus XMR (via However, since the Victus currently allows one-shot kills, you already have the dream team here anyway.

We’re keeping an eye on the situation around the visor. As soon as it is clear how to unlock it, you will find out about it on MeinMMO.

Until then, if you are looking for meta weapons for your fight in the Warzone, then you will find the right thing here: CoD Warzone 2: The best weapons with setups – constantly updated