CoD MW2 player discovers visor with hidden feature – “Scope with Flashbang upgrade, awesome”

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A player in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has discovered a scope that has a hidden feature: it blinds your opponents when you aim at them.

What is the visor doing? In CoD MW2, a visor for sniper rifles is currently causing a sensation and posts have been circulating on reddit for a few days in which players talk about the infamous scope.

The special feature: If someone aims this sight at you, it not only has the typical sniper mirror, but also a strong glow.

This glow ensures that you cannot see the player using the scope behind the bright light. It looks like it has a built in flashbang (flash grenade) that will blind you if your opponent aims at you.

We embed an example reddit post here, where you can see the effect of the visor:

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A post on reddit shows how much a certain visor in CoD MW2 can blind you.

Player finds out which sight has the built-in flashbang

Which visor is it? As the reddit user “SSYorimz” reports in the “CoD MW2” subreddit, he has found out which visor is responsible for the glare effect. Accordingly, the scope is the “RAPTOR-FVM40”.

The sight has 13x magnification, bullet drop indicator and increased ADS speed.

The only disadvantage the game lists is the “very large sniper mirror”, which definitely proves to be an advantage due to the glare effect of the reflection if you aim the scope at your opponents and thereby blind them.

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What are the players saying about the visor? CoD MW2 players agree on the strength of the visor and believe that it does not have a disadvantage, but rather an advantage.

  • TheFrostyrune: “Run ‘n gun with the visor and a flashlight just to make sure they go blind (via reddit).”
  • baum_imp: “Why the heck does it increase ad speed lmao this rig has literally zero downside (via reddit)”
  • Gusfeldt__: “In the beginning it was a disadvantage to use a specular scope, now it’s an advantage (via reddit).”
  • pnellesen: “And here I am trying to use scopes with ‘very low’ mirrors. What an idiot am I lol (via reddit).”
  • Trolly14: “Scope with Flashbang upgrade, awesome! They thought of everything (via reddit).”
  • syrupchi: “It’s such a hindrance that it’s almost a real advantage for them (via reddit).”
  • With the strong glare effect of the visor, it is certainly the case that the developers did not intend it in this form. Finally, they list the strong mirroring of the scope as a disadvantage. It is therefore quite possible that Infinity Ward will improve the visor or its glare effect.

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