Cocky response to the row with Oatly

Cocky response to the row with Oatly

An open feud has been going on for several years between Arla and the oat drink giant Oatly. In 2019, the dairy giant ran a prized campaign under the slogan “Only milk tastes like milk”, where both children and cafe guests were disappointed to be served “trölk” or “brölk”.

The years have passed, but the girls have continued and in April 2023 Oatly did the campaign “When you’re craving a [pannkaks-länken] without milk”.

Here you can read more about Oatly’s mocking boot against Arla.

Products of the Earth. Image: Arla

Arla turns over billions – that’s how the milk empire was built

Arla starts selling oat milk

That Arla is now launching a new plant-based range made from Swedish oats, called Jörd, may therefore feel unexpected.

News24 contacted Arla to see how they think.

– Today, many customers and consumers demand plant-based products, and then of course we want to meet that need. We simply want to give consumers an opportunity to pick a brand they already like off the shelf when they want plant-based, says Max Wallenbergpress manager Arla Sweden.

Harsh criticism of Arla’s new milk package: “Terrible”

Doesn’t it compete with your milk products?

– No, we see no contradiction. Many consumers buy both dairy and plant-based products, so it’s about responding to that need. We have also seen that the plant-based segment can contribute to further sales of dairy, says Wallenberg.

Soil began to be sold in stores in week 7.

Arla changes the packaging – so there will be new milk packets