CNN International announced: New war in the Middle East… Date set!

CNN International announced New war in the Middle East Date

In a report on CNN International, it was stated that the USA is worried that Israel will launch a land attack on Lebanon. In the news titled “Concerns are increasing among Biden officials that Israel may launch an attack on Lebanon”, Israel is about to launch an attack that will extend deep into Lebanon…


Reporting that the decision to officially spread the conflict in the Gaza Strip to another country has not been taken yet, but Washington expects this possibility, CNN International reported that the plan for a land attack that could take place in the summer was reflected in US intelligence.

According to CNN International, an official who attended the briefings confirmed this development, which had great repercussions around the world. In his statement to television, the senior official said, “We are working on a scenario in which Israel will engage in a military operation in the coming months. Even if this does not occur within a few weeks, it may happen by the end of spring. Israel’s military operation is a serious possibility.”



The Biden administration is holding simultaneous negotiations to create a buffer zone on the Lebanon-Israel border, CNN reported. Washington thinks that if this large buffer zone is created, Israel’s possible attack can be postponed.


In addition, a senior US official stated that some elements in the Israeli administration and army support the attack on Lebanon and that this group advocating a new war on the northern front is gradually growing. The same official added that if the Israeli army crosses the Lebanese border, a major escalation of an undetermined scale could be triggered.