CNN: Hackers avenge Navalny’s death by breaking into Russian prison system database | Foreign countries

Vonelaislehti Navalnys body has been found in a morgue near

According to the television channel, the hacker group includes, among other things, Ukrainians and Russians living abroad.

The international hacker group opposed to the Kremlin was thirsty for revenge, the Russian opposition leader To Alexei Navalny death and went to get it just a few hours after hearing the news of the death, says the American news channel CNN.

According to CNN, hackers managed to break into the database of the Russian prison system a couple of days after Navalny’s death. They published there a picture of Navalny together with his wife Julia’s with and the message: “Long live Navalny”.

CNN has obtained an exclusive interview from the hackers. It has also verified the event from screenshots and other data sources.

Alexei Navalny died under unclear circumstances in a penal colony in the Yamalo-Nenetsk district in Siberia on February 16.

Hackers stole contact information

According to CNN, the group also stole the information of hundreds of thousands of Russian prisoners and their families from the database. The channel has been able to verify that the information obtained by the hackers includes prisoners sitting in Russian prisons.

The hackers say they are sharing the phone numbers and email addresses of prisoners and their families online “in the hope that someone could contact them and help them understand what happened to Navalny.” Navalny’s supporters have suspected that the opposition leader’s death was actually a premeditated political murder.

In addition, the hackers changed the information of the online store used by the prisoners’ relatives, CNN says. Relatives can buy food for prisoners through it.

For example, hackers changed the price of noodles and canned meat to a fraction of what it really was. According to CNN, the prison’s online store managed to return prices to normal only after three days.