Climate storm around World Bank shutdown

Last minute The world stood up after Putins decision in

It was in connection with an event held by The New York Times newspaper that Malpass replied “I’m not a scientist”.

It led to criticism, among other things the White House came out and said that it did not agree with Malpass, and several environmental activists raised demands for his resignation.

In an interview with Politico, he says that he has no plans to step down, but does give a clear message on the climate issue.

— It is clear that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities cause climate change. So the task for us, for the world, is to gather the projects and the funding that actually have an impact.

He further says that the World Bank has a clear leadership position on climate issues, and admits that he should have been clearer.

— When I was asked “are you a climate denier” I should have said no, he says.