Clear sign for new law on ID checks

Clear sign for new law on ID checks



full screen A similar law was introduced in connection with the refugee crisis in 2015, but it was temporary and expired in 2018. Stock image. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

The Riksdag’s justice committee says yes to the bill on temporary ID checks. Only C, V and MP voted against, reports P4 Malmöhus.

The proposal means that the government should be able to issue temporary bans on transporting people without valid identity documents to Sweden.

The proposal has attracted criticism, including from all parties in the Skåne regional council. SJ’s CEO Monica Lingegård has warned that this could result in the company having to stop fast train traffic between Copenhagen and Malmö.

Emelie Fredell, Öresundståg business manager at Skånetrafiken, has also warned of how the traffic between Sweden and Denmark could be affected.

– We need to plan again and this probably means that there will be fewer departures, increased journey times, more changes, delays and congestion on board. It depends on how the regulations will look, she has previously told News Øresund.

The Riksdag will vote on the proposal next week.