Classic Land Rover Defender 90 LEGO set unveiled

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The prices for the Classic Land Rover Defender 90 LEGO, which will be presented under the Icons series exclusively for the 75th anniversary, have also been announced.

It would not be wrong to say that LEGO offers a range that appeals to many different kinds of interests and tastes with the different themes it contains. The Land Rover Defender projects of the manufacturer, which offers options that attract car enthusiasts like us in its series such as Speed ​​Champions, Technic and Creator, are undoubtedly among the popular products. Finally, LEGO, which offers a package under the Technic series for the new generation that is on sale today, this time comes up with the classic version under the Icons series. The Classic Land Rover Defender 90 set, which we think will be much more popular than the new generation, will be presented as a delicious product to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the model.


Highlights of the Classic Land Rover Defender 90 LEGO set

It is also a good step to choose the iconic military green color in the completed set, which we see will be offered to end users as a set of 2,336 pieces in total. As you can imagine, the model, which has 16 cm height, 16 cm width and 32 cm length, includes many active parts. In this context, stretching suspensions and active steering box come to the fore. In the set, which also includes engine and hood dynamics that can be designed in different ways, details such as digging, shovel, fire extinguisher, snorkel and tow rope were not overlooked. The overseas price for the Classic Land Rover Defender 90 set, which is expected to take its place in sales points in a short time, is 210 pounds for England and 240 dollars for Germany. announced.