Class B license request for motorcycle models up to 125 cc -LOG

Class B license request for motorcycle models up to 125

In Turkey motorcycle Work continues for the growth of the sector. In this regard, the expectation of a driver’s license is also on the agenda.

Featured in HaberTürk According to the news in Turkey Motorcycle Industry Association A commission was set up under his leadership. “How does the motorcycle industry grow and develop in Turkey?” Centering on its motto, the commission recently held a workshop and Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa VarankGovernor of Istanbul Ali Yerlikaya and some industry stakeholders. The most notable issue here related to the license. Established commission, it is said, applied in Europe It is working to implement the license to use motorcycles up to 125 cc with a B class license in Turkey.

As of now, there is no definite decision taken in this regard. However, it is stated that the workshops held to remove the separate license requirement for 125 cc will continue, and some concrete steps will be shared with the public in a short time.


Currently, only motorcycle models with an engine capacity of 50 cc and a speed of 45 km/h can be used with a Class B license in Turkey. For more, separate A, A1 and A2 driver’s licenses are required. If the B Class is sufficient for 125 cc and if it is taken really stable, the use of motorcycles in Turkey will increase even more.

The use of motorcycles in Turkey is already high and is constantly increasing. Behind this are unbelievably high car prices, breathtaking maintenance/insurance costs, staggering fuel prices and parking problems in big cities. In addition, in Turkey of electric bikes the number is increasing day by day.