Clashes between Palestinian Authority forces and residents of Nablus

Clashes between Palestinian Authority forces and residents of Nablus

In the north of the occupied West Bank, in the city of Nablus, a Palestinian was killed this Tuesday, September 20 in clashes, during a rare operation by the security forces of the Palestinian Authority, aimed at arresting members of Hamas. Two people were arrested.

With our correspondent in the Palestinian Territories, Alice Froussard

The images are impressive: dozens and dozens of armed men marching through the streets of Nablus, followed by exchanges of fire between Palestinian fighters and Palestinian Authority security forces.

One person was killed: Firas Yaish, a 53-year-old man. There were also several injuries, some seriously.

Moussab Shtayyeh, 30, a former prisoner who was among the most wanted people in Nablus by the Israelis, was arrested, along with Amid Tbaileh. Hamas called for the immediate release of these prisoners, calling the arrests ” kidnappings ” and of ” domestic crime “.

Hamas, a rival of the Palestinian Authority, criticizes the latter’s continued security coordination with Israel.

As for the clashes between the Palestinians and the Palestinian security forces, they continued throughout the morning. On one of the roundabouts near the old city: clashes, throwing stones at the jeeps of the Palestinian forces and gunfire resounding in the streets of Nablus.

It should be noted that such raids, carried out by the Palestinian Authority, are relatively rare in the northern West Bank. If this part of the territory has been subject to violence for several months, this violence is due to the intensification of Israeli raids, which the army describes as ” counter-terrorism operations and which end in armed clashes between the Palestinians – residents or combatants – and the Israeli army.

The clashes on Tuesday show above all the extent to which the Palestinian Authority governs without the slightest popular legitimacy. The Palestinians behave with the Palestinian security forces in the same way as with the Israeli forces.

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid assured that he ” would not hesitate to act wherever the Palestinian Authority does not maintain order “, after the death of an Israeli officer and two Palestinians in exchanges of fire near Jenin.

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