Clara Henry reveals the training trick – before the ultramarathon

Clara Henry reveals the training trick before the ultramarathon

The TV profile and the actor Clara Henry, 29, is in the midst of preparations for the race of 100 miles. The race is an ultramarathon of 169 kilometers. On her Instagram, where she has over 420,000 followers, she shares her training regimen to complete the race.

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Seasoned long-distance runner

Clara Henry has run several long-distance races before. In 2022 she ran together with Max Pisano along the entire coast of Öland to collect money for refugees from Ukraine. Then it took just over 36 hours to run the whole 160 kilometer stretch.

“It takes 36 and a half hours to, with a striking foot and hip (me) and a striking stomach (Max), get 160 km from the southernmost to the northernmost point of Öland. It would have gone much slower on my own,” she wrote at the time in an Instagram post.

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Clara Henry’s training tips

Now Clara Henry will run even further than she did on Öland. Namely a full 169 kilometers and she is in full swing with training for the race. In an Instagram post, she recently shared her training regimen to complete the long run. The schedule is weekly and looks like this:

  • A few short to medium jogs.
  • One or two long to very long sessions.
  • One or two sessions at the gym.
  • Cardio training at home – that’s how you get started

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