Circus Maximus, the tractors protest: “Wheat is our gold, we must not give up”

Tractors not just Rome from Rimini to Cagliari the mobilization

(Finance) – “Our work is not a hobby”, “No to uncultivated land” and “wheat is Italian gold” These are some of the signs displayed during the procession of the CRA tractors, farmers betrayed at the Circus Maximus for the demonstration called by the movement. “No to synthetic meat” dicon the demonstrators, around 1500.

“You mustn’t give up, you must move forward” said the leader Danilo Calvani, from the stage set up on a tractor trailer. “Qhen we entered Rome with our tractors the citizens welcomed us with applause and signs of encouragement. It’s something I didn’t imagine, it was beautiful”Caivani said.

“Today we tell the government that we are not asking for his resignation, we ask that the government and parliament take responsibility – says the president of Altragricoltura, Gianni Fabbris -. Yesterday there was a meetingwe are evaluating. The clear and certain thing is that a discussion on urgent measures is opening up but we don’t need sops, we need reforms, to restore dignity to farmers, artisans, fishermen, cities and communities”.

In the square in Circo Massimo for the farmers’ demonstration, also present some mayors who wanted to demonstrate their support. “I am here because there is a large representation of farmers from my territory and supporting them is fundamental for us” explains Domenico Venuti, mayor of Salemi, in the province of Trapani. “Seeing the work of generations humiliated hurts – he adds – there is a significant negative economic return. In recent years, agriculture has become an opportunity again after years of abandonment. The institutions must be in the front row and it is essential to have answers.”