CIR, operation on share buy-back

CIR operation on share buy back

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – CIRfollowing the resolution of the Board of Directors of 12 September 2022 on the continuation of the treasury share buyback plan launched on 16 March 2022, announced that it had purchasedfrom 20 to 24 March 2023, overall 1,463,678 shares at the average unit price of 0.3958 euro for one counter value equal to 579,321.24 euros.

As of March 27, CIR owns a total of 34,745,861 treasury shares, equal to 3.14% of the share capital. The subsidiaries do not own any shares in the Company.

On the Milanese price list, today, checked progress for CIRwhich closed up 0.26%.