Chrono Odyssey: the new generation of MMORPGs is unveiled

Chrono Odyssey the new generation of MMORPGs is unveiled

If you do not yet know the name of Chrono Odyssey, know that this situation is quickly about to change. This ambitious MMORPG revealed itself in impressive gameplay footage.

The MMORPG genre suffers from a slight wait-and-see attitude, to say the least. For a good ten years, fans of the genre have been confined to the usual Final Fantasy 14, Guild Wars 2, Black Desert and a World of Warcraft in big decline. Despite a few new attempts like Amazon Gaming’s disappointing New Worlds, this once so popular category has been struggling to renew itself for a while. But this immobility also creates a lot of space for young ambitious studios ready to offer innovative adventures to players tired of repeating the same content.

This is also the case of Npixel, a young Korean studio that has embarked on the design of Chrono Odyssey. This new MMORPG has the particularity of being based on the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, which gives it a rather impressive graphic cachet, at a time when next-gen hardware has already flooded the PC and home console market. . Chrono Odyssey recently revealed itself through a gameplay trailer that had the gift of marveling even the most jaded of video game journalists. We let you enjoy it on video.

What is the gameplay of Chrono Odyssey like?

Beyond its high-quality graphics, Chrono Odyssey offers open-world gameplay with real-time combat. We can also see the few basic skills of the classes of the game, (the Swordsman, the Ranger, the Sorcerer, the Berserker, the Paladin and the Assassin) among which we recognize well-known archetypes from role-playing games. The game also intends to offer large-scale boss fight phases, which can bring together dozens of players in high-intensity confrontations. The only one missing from the trailer for the moment is the game’s UI, which is still quite difficult to get an idea of, unlike the performances which seem quite correct in the few combat sequences. As for the in-game cutscenes, on the other hand, no need to worry about realism. Big feature of Chrono Odyssey, the Chronotector, a small object that will allow you to manipulate time during your confrontations. Another technical challenge for a real-time, open-world game that can bring together several hundred players at the same point.

In the words of Samuel Seo, CEO of Npixel, Chrono Odyssey counts: “Immerse yourself in a vast universe without loading time, filled with points of interest. The structures you can see in the world have been designed to fuel your thirst for adventure, and the game’s realistic graphics, dynamic time of day, and weather contribute to the authenticity of the experience. You will meet various characters with their own story, which will help you better understand the world around you.

What is the release date for Chrono Odyssey?

As for a release date, we will have to wait a few more months to be fixed. We know, however, that the game is only planned for next-gen consoles and PC. We are waiting on PS5, Steam and Xbox Series end of 2023 or even during 2024. The game should be available in Europe as soon as it is released, Npixel having quite broad ambitions for this new universe.