Christmas traffic calmer than a normal Friday

Christmas traffic calmer than a normal Friday

Published: Less than 50 min ago

full screen Queue on December 23 on the E4 south from Stockholm. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

The Christmas traffic has rolled on without major problems, despite freezing temperatures and slippery conditions in large parts of the country.

– So far it has been calmer than a normal Friday, so right now it feels very positive, says Bengt Olsson, press manager at the Swedish Transport Administration, to TT at 19:00.

The police have reported some accidents during the afternoon, but only a few of them have been due to slippage or traffic intensity.

Traffic flow has also been better than expected. In fact, there have been no major stops anywhere.

– There has been a slight slowdown in traffic, especially on the E4 along the east coast north of Uppsala. It is also there that the freezing of this week’s rain has been most clearly felt, it is probably connected, says Bengt Olsson.

Most of the Christmas commuters are expected to arrive before 8 p.m. and it is therefore soon time to summarize the Christmas traffic. Why things went better than usual, Bengt Olsson doesn’t really dare to answer.

– You would like to believe that people have listened to the information that has gone out, but that is perhaps something to be taken in, he says.

There is no concentrated traffic day for the return journey. Before Christmas, the traffic is concentrated for one or two days, but towards home it is much more spread out.

– Many take time off and stay. It won’t be the same huge rush, says Bengt Olsson.