Christmas films: the top list of cult films

Christmas films the top list of cult films

Little Christmas films are back to put us in the festive mood for the end of year holidays. Get out the blankets, the hot chocolate and the popcorn… We’ve put together a list of romantic, cult and unmissable films that you can’t miss with kids and adults alike.

Ah the little Christmas movies ! Every year, we don’t miss them: these films for which we already know the ending (always with a Happy Ending) are predictable… The young single woman, who is not really lucky in love, comes across Prince Charming a few days before Christmas, and finally having a princess’s Eve. Seen again and again, a bit horrifying even as it is agreed, and yet, we cannot do without it! Quite simply because we love these always very romantic stories, with a touch of humor, which make us dream at this end of year period. Everyone is beautiful, friendly, the good guys always win and the values ​​of mutual aid and sharing are widely emphasized. Admit it, who wouldn’t want to live in a Christmas movie? It would be such a change from what we see on the news right now! So, to get in the mood, here is our list of must-see Christmas films to see with the family, as well as new releases not to be missed on Netflix or on TV!

Love Actually

It’s the ultimate romantic film that we never tire of watching this holiday season. Since its release in 2003, Richard Curtis’ film has become a Christmas must-have ! Funny and moving, this love story with British humor left its mark, especially thanks to this legendary scene in which Mark (Andrew Lincoln) discreetly declares his love, dropping his signs to the ground, one after another. others.

Santa Clause is garbage

This French film released in 1982 is worth watching over and over again with young and old alike, if only for their cinematic culture. You will love finding the cult scenes and emblematic characters of this funny Christmas comedy, with Anémone, Thierry Lhermitte, Gérard Jugnot, Marie-Anne Chazel, Josianne Balasko and even Christian Clavier.

The Holidays

An American and a British woman decide to exchange homes for the Christmas holidays. Each one lives the life of the other, and discovers different traditions. They will fall under the charm of a man as best they can and will both experience a real fairy tale. We like to meet the actors of this romantic comedy with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black.

Mom I missed the plane

This Christmas movie was so successful in the 90s that the traditional version of Mom I missed the plane with actor Macaulay Culkin had its sequel: Mom, I missed the plane again. Mom, I missed the plane, it’s starting againto follow as a family the crazy adventures of this little boy full of imagination, left alone at home during the end-of-year holidays.

Santa & co.

Alain Chabat’s funny and crazy comedy is sure to entertain the whole family. All his elves have fallen ill and Santa must travel to Earth with his reindeer to find a cure. Will the elves be healed in time to finish making the gifts? A film full of humor to see and rewatch during this end-of-year period.

The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack

This tale tells the story of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, who is tired of having to prepare for the Halloween party every year. This time, he takes over the Christmas preparations and decides to encroach on the elves’ work. A scenario by Tim Burton, to watch with the family (with the older ones).

Among the other must-see Christmas films for young and old, we can also cite The Grinch, Scrooge’s Christmas Carol, Klaus, Love at All Costs, Race for the Toy, A Crazy Christmas… Without forget all the Disney or Pixar cartoons that children love to watch at the end of the year.