Christmas bonus: how much will be paid this year?

Christmas bonus how much will be paid this year

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    Established in 1998, the Christmas bonus is received by the most modest French people, under certain conditions of resources. It is paid to more than two million French people each year.

    Each year, the government must validate the payment of specific aid intended for the most modest households: the Christmas bonus. This validation took place yesterday, Wednesday 16 November. At the end of December, 2.3 million French people will therefore receive this bonus intended to help them meet end-of-year expenses.

    Who can benefit from the Christmas bonus?

    The Christmas bonus is an aid to the most vulnerable people. It will be paid to you if during the month of November or December you received one of the following aids:

    • The specific solidarity allowance (ASS);
    • The pension-equivalent allowance;
    • The monthly flat-rate premium for resuming activity;
    • The active solidarity income (RSA), under certain conditions.

    Aid not upgraded this year

    The Christmas bonus is paid by three different bodies: CAF, Pôle Emploi and MSA, agricultural social security. Its payment is automatic, it is scheduled for December 15th. Despite the inflation that the country is experiencing, its amount has not been revalued. It therefore still amounts to 152.45 euros for a single person (except residents of Mayotte).

    The amount of the Christmas bonus also changes according to the composition of the household. He wakes up at :

    • 228.67 euros for a couple without children;
    • For 1 child: 228.67 euros for a single parent or 274.41 euros for a couple;
    • For 2 children: 274.41 euros for a single parent or 320.14 euros for a couple;
    • For 3 children: 335.39 euros for a single parent or 381.12 euros for a couple;
    • For 4 children: 296.37 euros for a single parent or 442.10 euros for a couple;
    • Per additional person: + 60.98 euros.