Christmas bonus 2021: paid by CAF and Pôle emploi, when?

Christmas bonus 2021 paid by CAF and Pole emploi when

CHRISTMAS BONUS. The Christmas bonus is a social benefit reserved for beneficiaries of certain social minima.

[Mis à jour le 29 novembre 2021 à 08h40] The announcement of the payment date should now be imminent. Renewed each year by the government, the Xmas is aimed at households benefiting from certain social minima, CAF and Pôle emploi. The amount of the Christmas bonus depends on the social situation of the beneficiary and can be adjusted according to the composition of the household. It has not been revalued since 2008. The date for payment of the Christmas bonus is set each year in mid-December. This year, other financial aid will be paid to some. Indeed, in the context of galloping inflation, the government has drawn up several measures intended for the most precarious. Thus, an additional aid of 100 euros will be paid to beneficiaries of the energy check next month. In addition, 38 million French people will receive a bonus of 100 euros.

Since its creation, the date of payment of the Christmas bonus generally occurs a few days before Christmas, in mid-December. For the year 2021, no deadline has been revealed. Last year, two dates had been selected: December 15 and 16, depending on the organization responsible for the payment. The payment is made by bank transfer automatically. Some beneficiaries – the new ones – sometimes have to wait until the beginning of January for the transfer to be effective, depending on their situation. Want to learn more about what to look out for next month, in addition to the Christmas bonus? Consult our file without delay:

Since its creation, the conditions remain unchanged : it is necessary to touch one of the social minima of the Caisse des Family allowances or Pôle emploi. summarizes them for you:

  • RPS,
  • RFPE,
  • RSA,
  • ASS,
  • Lump sum premium for resumption of activity,
  • AER,
  • ASS-F.

Do you have a specific question about the Christmas bonus? has looked into all aspects of exceptional financial assistance for you. Consult our dedicated file without further delay:

No. The activity bonus is not part of the social benefits of the CAF allowing to benefit from the Christmas bonus. Only the active solidarity income (RSA) makes it possible to receive this exceptional financial assistance. It will therefore be of no use to contact your family allowance fund to hope for the payment of the Christmas bonus.

No, being a disabled adult allowance recipient does not qualify for the CAF Christmas bonus. Only RSA recipients are eligible for this exceptional social benefit.

Since 2009, the amounts of the Christmas bonus have not changed. They depend on your social situation and, possibly, your family situation. Clearly, the amount of the Christmas bonus does not depend on your income. Do you benefit from the Christmas bonus from Pôle emploi, being unemployed at the end of your rights? In this case, Pôle emploi pays a amount is fixed, whatever the family situation. It amounts to 152.45 euros. If you benefit from the CAF Christmas bonus (because you are at RSA for example), in this case, the amount depends on your family situation. It is between 152.45 euros for a single person and 442.10 euros for a couple with four children (to which are added 60.98 euros per additional person). Go to the next paragraph for more information.

Are you at RSA? In this case, you are one of the households affected by the CAF Christmas bonus. The amount of CAF Christmas bonus depends on the composition of the household. Find all the amounts in the table below:

Family compositionYou live aloneYou live in a couple
Without child€ 152.45228, 67 €
1 child€ 228.67€ 274.41
2 children€ 274.41320, 14 €
3 children€ 335.39€ 381.12
4 children€ 396.37€ 442.10
Per additional person€ 60.98€ 60.98