Christiane Taubira will submit to the result of the Popular Primary

Christiane Taubira approves the popular primary on the left

Christiane Taubira announced this Sunday that she would be a candidate for the Popular Primary organized at the end of January by a citizen collective. About 300,000 people have already registered and could participate. François Hollande’s former justice minister also called on other left-wing candidates to submit.

The game becomes even more complex on the left. ” I accept the risk of democracy. I will accept the People’s Primary verdict “, A citizens’ initiative scheduled for January 27 to 30,” last chance of a possible union of the left », Declared the former minister of François Hollande during a visit to a market in Bondy in Seine-Saint-Denis.

It is the most beautiful of legitimacy », Estimated Christiane Taubira, a prestigious figure with some voters, but whose entry into the arena in December has so far not sparked a breakthrough in the polls.

I announce that I accept the rules of People’s Primary.

I invite other leftist and environmental candidates to do the same

After having envisaged a primary where the candidates engage, the collective of the Popular Primary has changed course in the face of the refusal of several candidates, by providing for a “ popular nomination “, A vote of its several hundred thousand registered on the internet.

I invite other leftist and environmental candidates to do the same “, That is to say accept the” verdict “, did she say. “ There is nothing to fear from the People’s Primary voters, who are enamored of all righteousness “, She added, insisting:” So we have to accept this risk, for my part I accept it “.

The ecologist Yannick Jadot reiterated his refusal to take part in this primary a few minutes later.

As for the socialist Anne Hidalgo, who had proposed to organize a tie-breaking process between all the left-wing government candidates, she said this Sunday morning that, faced with the failure of her proposal, she would maintain her candidacy, even if Christiane Taubira also joined in the dance.