Christer Abris names Sweden’s best hockey player of all time and nods Nicklas Lidström: “Mercedes of Swedish hockey”

He is one of Swedish hockey’s most beautiful profiles.
Christer “Abris” Abrahamsson will forever be remembered.
When the legend himself gets to name Sweden’s best hockey player of all time, he is sure of his cause.

See you within Leksand Christer Abrahamsson as a great icon in the club’s history. He became “Abris” with all of hockey Sweden and saved three SM golds in the blue and white jersey.

The legendary Abris

The goalkeeper legend would also become loyal to Leksand and never played for another Swedish club after the move to Dalarna in 1964. However, the hot-tempered cage keeper would try his luck in the brutal WHA, an alternative league to the NHL, where the New England Whalers played.

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010222 Ice hockey, Elitserien, AIK – Leksand: Christer Abrahamsson, coach Leksand. © Bildbyrån – You Camera

In addition to his efforts on the ice, Abris also became nationally known as a real quote guy and offered some completely classic statements. Or how about: “Then I said to the referee in pure Swedish: Go home”, “We go out and warm up in rectangular circles” and “Come on guys, they also have a bad goalkeeper”.

Nobbar Lidström

When he himself gets to look back on his hockey career, it is difficult to choose the very best memory from the time between the posts.
– Difficult. Our SM gold with Leksand in 1969 was the club’s first. But it was big as a foreigner to become the season’s MVP in the New York England Whalers in 1975, he says in an old interview with Sportmagasinet.

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090930 Ice hockey, NHL Premiere Challenge, Detroit Red Wings: Nicklas Lidström, Detroit. © Bildbyrån – 85532

Abris also gets the great honor of naming Sweden’s best hockey player of all time. And then it is much easier to choose, even if he is forced to nob both Nicklas Lidström and Mats Sundin.
– Börje (Salming) maybe… Well, but I probably have to say “Foppa” (Peter Forsberg). He is Swedish hockey’s Mercedes; there are no errors anywhere. He has no weaknesses. I met him as a coach and there was nothing that could be done about him. The guy had everything, he says in the interview.

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Peter Forsberg is a very good choice and Abrahamsson has always been full of admiration for the icon who won double Stanley Cup titles, double Olympic gold and double World Cup gold. Otherwise, Abris doesn’t have much left over for Swedish hockey these days.
– Hockey is moving forward, but I think the referees lack feeling. I also want to get rid of hitches and shit, but the expulsions today are pure lottery. It must be hugely frustrating for players and coaches, he admits.

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