Chowra Makaremi, for an Iranian We

Chowra Makaremi for an Iranian We

Because she can’t stand the memory lapses between her and this country of Iran, she took the camera. And of course, that an anthropologist such as Chowra Makaremi takes the camera is not insignificant.

Since the murder of Mahsa Amini, her voice as a researcher has echoed the unprecedented uprising that her homeland has been experiencing for six months. An echo that undoubtedly reconnects her to her research work, particularly on post-revolutionary violence in Iran and mass massacres. Which also reconnects her to the year 1988 and to the founding chapter of her life, when her mother disappeared in the massacre of thousands of political prisoners opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran. An anthropologist in the field of memory with drawers (family memory) in search of her own narration, this gives a documentary of gentle emotional violence entitled Hitch, an Iranian story

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