Children’s shoes: comfortable models to grow well

Childrens shoes comfortable models to grow well

Trainers, boots, slippers, sandals… For babies, children and teenagers, find our favorite models of shoes, practical, pretty and comfortable.

From an early age, a child must be properly shod. To take his first steps, he needs suitable shoes, flexible, and above all adjusted to his foot. We thus find baby sneakers and booties which are particularly comfortable. At home, small slippers will be sufficient, for example one of the adorable models of the Easy Peasy brand. Growing up, the same rules remain in place. If the shoe has a soft sole, it is ideal. If it has a small heel (2-3 cm maximum), it’s not mandatory, but it’s even better! Thus, the child will be comfortable and will be able to adopt a good posture while walking. It is important that they hold the foot well and resist twisting. The best is that they are reinforced at the back, which makes it possible to resist use, but also to maintain the heel well. Closing level, lace, scratch or zip, the important thing is that they can be well adjusted, but not too tight, around the child’s little toe. In summer, the sandals will necessarily be less enveloping, but the support must be optimal. Parents often tend to prefer Velcro and zippers, which are much easier to handle when their toddler learns to put on his shoes alone! Are you looking for trainers, ankle boots, sandals or even water shoes for your baby or child? Find our selection of best shoes for young and old!