Children’s clothing: the essential pieces for their wardrobe

Childrens clothing the essential pieces for their wardrobe

Children’s dressing should be well thought out: they need comfortable and practical clothes, but which also correspond to their tastes. We help you fill their wardrobe with our selection of essentials.

Children’s clothes are sacred! When they are babies, we have fun choosing pretty outfits for them. When they grow up, they develop their own tastes and prefer to choose them themselves. In any case, there are a few rules to follow when buying children’s clothes. For babies, we must not forget the practical side and make sure that they are easy to remove each time we change the diaper. To avoid having to remove them completely, we prefer models with press studs or zippers in strategic places. They must also be soft, comfortable, practical, and not be afraid of multiple washes! For the older ones, here again, comfort and practicality are very important! For example, pants with buttons and a fly are going to be difficult for young children to handle. So do not hesitate to opt for elasticated stockings, which they will simply have to slide. For all ages, we favor natural materials (cotton, linen, etc.), which are more comfortable and breathable than synthetics. To avoid the risk of cold or heat, we advise you to choose clothes adapted to the season. For spring and autumn, where temperatures vary rapidly, do not hesitate to invest in tights and undershirts to slip under your clothes if necessary. Discover our selection of timeless items for children!